I was super excited to work with one of my favorite artists, Lili Chin, on this handout on the importance of play with our cats and some tips on how to do it well!! I’m also so pleased that some folks helped to translate this guide into SO MANY different languages (so far French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Japanese, German, Czech, and Turkish…hopefully more to come!)

The handout is free to download and share!!

PDF in Traditional Mandarin by Jill Su

PDF in Slovene translated by David Černec

PDF in Russian translated by Russian Society for Feline Medicine (RSFM)

PDF in Japanese translated by Manami Sato (JSFM)

PDF in Spanish translated by Sandra Ortiz

PDF in Czech translated by Katka Návojová Horáčková

PDF in Italian translated by Michela Balzari

PDF in Polish translated by Wiktoria Najberg

PDF in French translated by Anais Goffette & Anabelle Dupont-Hebert

PDF in Dutch translated by Liesbeth Puts

PDF in Chinese translated by Hongfei Li

PDF in Portuguese translated by Renata Guimaraes

PDF in German translated by Julia Schlotter

PDF in Turkish translated by Emre Ertürk